Who’s Going to be Crowned Champion?

Who will it be?

We are getting really excited about the NBA playoffs (as we currently support several of the teams), but I’m getting ahead of myself!  Derrick Rose is definitely a lead contender for MVP, and is it possible? probable? for the Bulls to rein in another NBA title?  In the coming week Events.org will be putting together a poll so that everyone can vote for the 2011 NBA champs. I won’t tell you who we’re voting for, but I’ll tell ya that Bill Swerkski is on our side.

In light of the excitement surrounding this year’s games, we would like to introduce you to our bambino, DonationXchange.  DonationXchange is a web portal that  efficiently connects donors, nonprofits, and patrons with each other – allowing users to streamline their administrative processes to focus on the impact on their communities.  The DonationXchange system was designed to save corporate donors time and money by automating their community outreach and donation request process.  To learn more about DonationXchange, watch our product presentation or email dxdemo@events.org for a personalized demonstration with Events.org staff.


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