The Latest and Greatest in Technology

“Imagine”…a seven-letter word that has begun many sentences that are used to introduce the latest and greatest in technology.  Disney World has a whole section of Epcot called Future World dedicated to the innovations of the past, present, and future. I remember watching Tom Cruise use an array of far-fetched computer technology in Minority Report only to realize that some of the features shown are almost commonplace today – we’ve all played with an iPad by now.  So the question is, Where is technology going? and What potential piece of technology, that we had thought was a thing of the imagination, is going to become a part of our everyday lives?

What will be next?

Let’s begin with the fact that I recently had dinner at a friend’s house, only to realize that their kids were watching a movie in 3-D…My parents grew up in an age where there were less than six channels, all in black and white.  Now when I go home, not only can I watch television in high-definition, I can pause my T.V. in my living room, only to re-start the show in my basement.  Forgot to DVR that special tonight?  Never fear, you can set your DVR from your cell phone.  Speaking of cell phones, does anyone remember dial phones?  The list of technologies that have integrated our lives is pretty incredible.

Here at we tout ourselves as a company that is on the breaking edge of event technology.  Our in-house developer’s motto is, “If you can think it, suggest it-you never know if it could work.”  Because of this, I attempt to keep in the know about some new tech projects that are projected to be introduced soon.  Here are a couple of my favorites:

1. Pay by phone: I think this is my absolute favorite. A few cellular phone companies have begun developing phones and applications that allow you to pay for merchandise by scanning your phone.  No more need to carry those credit and debit cards around with you…  Read more about Phone Wallets here.

2. Re-focusing cameras: Seriously?  How cool.  You can take a picture, realize the next day that it wasn’t in focus as much as you may have thought the night before and bing-bang-boom you press a button and the picture is magically in focus.  Read more about the new “magic” camera here.

3. The all-encompassing remote: Yes universal remotes have been around for a while, but having babysat for many families in the upper-echelon of Chicago, I have to say that these remote controls have become my new best friend.  Forget having 10 remotes for every possible piece of media equipment a person can buy.  Say hello to a remote control that literally asks you if its button did what you wanted it to: “Turn on DVD?” “That didn’t work…try again.  Oh there you go. Thank you super-smart remote.”  Read reviews and see a brief video about this great gadget here.

What are your favorite new gadgets?


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