Fantastic Summer Events in Chicago

It’s been a while since we’ve posted about Chicago, and it feels high time to make the best of it.  Summer in Chicago is fantastic.  Actually, I like to call it a Chicagoan’s best kept secret.  Because we’re all about events here, I thought I would share some of our own personal top choices for summer events in Chicago.

Christi: Taste of River North  –  I never make plans for the weekend of Taste of River North.  It’s by far the best fest in the city with something to offer for everyone; scenic river views, a fabulous lineup of restaurants and bands, a kids zone around their brand new park, and the people watching is “superb”.  It’s a concert in the park, higher end taste of chicago and street fest all wrapped into one!

Mark (who is trying to out-do us all with 3 events): Taste of Lincoln AveI enjoy it because of the multiple stages and musical acts.  It runs along several blocks of Lincoln Avenue.  Old St. Pat’s Block PartyIt brings back fond memories from my youth (or at least my early 20’s).  Old Town Wine Crush – In the old days, they had unlimited wine tasting (now they give you a limited number of tickets – which stinks).  I enjoy the crowd and people watching on a nice fall day. (The Old Town Wine Crush has now been replaced with the Old Town Fall Fest).

Meghan: Air and Water Show – (Really just the Air Show since I never see what’s going on in the lake.)  It’s always fun to watch someone show off an exceptional talent, and the pilots flying those trick are no exception. There’s something about knowing what those planes are really intended for that I find captivating, too. I like to kick back by the lake with my family, a few chilled drinks and snacks, and see what some of our finest servicemen and women can do.

Jordan: Movies in the Park  –  I absolutely love Movies in the Park. No matter which neighborhood you live in, there’s a park nearby that will host a series of movies at dusk throughout the summer.  My friends and I pack some snacks and blankets and head over for free, relaxing, outdoor entertainment.  It’s also a great way to meet neighbors!

Chase: Cubs Games  –  I can’t think of a more perfect way to spend a summer afternoon than inside the hallowed grounds of Wrigley Field. Whether you are a Cubs fan or not, it’s impossible to deny the sense of history when you are surrounded by ivy covered walls, the manually-operated scoreboard, and the ever-controversial lights. When the seventh inning rolls around, 40,000 people, led by celebrities, athletes or politicians pay homage to the late-great Harry Carey. And, for those of us who are true Cubs fans, we are accorded the pleasure of singing “Go Cubs, Go”–at least in those rare instances when they win. A daytime game at Wrigley truly is a singular experience.

And of course, be sure to check out our Events Calendar


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