Unique Fundraisers

As event season kicks into high-gear, committees will be getting together to discuss upcoming fundraisers.  We’ve all been to the same fundraisers….dinner, opening statements, bid sheet silent auctions.  It’s the same old song and dance.  Let’s liven up the party a little!

  1. Direct Action Fundraising – Many of our clients have opted to participate in Direct Action fundraising.  For example, during the paddle raise, the first paddle raise will be $250 to purchase a student’s uniforms for the year, and as many guests who want to purchase uniforms for a student can raise their paddle.  Another example is donating $500 to feed a shelter for a week; again everyone can participate and donate to as many specific causes as they wish.
  2. Electronic Bidding – Bring your event into the 21st century with a little extra technology.  Instead of using paper bid sheets, enable guests to bid with their SmartPhones or professional handheld devices so that they can bid from wherever they want within the event venue.  The interactive atmosphere helps increase fundraising because guests have fun bidding against one another throughout the evening.
  3. Empty box Raffles – Choose a prized item that would be coveted by your target audience; let’s say a Tiffany bracelet.  Pass out empty Tiffany boxes with a card that says “Thank you for playing” and one box that says “Congratulations – You are the proud new owner of a Tiffany bracelet”.  Your guests will have buyers’ envy when they see the other guests pass them by with their Tiffany boxes.
  4. Thermometer Watch – During or after dinner, have guests participate in a donation challenge.  Using their SmartPhones or a professional device, have guests begin electronically donating to your cause.  Watch as the thermometer goes higher and higher.  For extra fun, have guests’ names appear as they donate.
  5. Celebrity Draft – Run a celebrity draft for dinner or sporting events.  Auction celebrities via live auction with either an auctioneer or through a handheld device or set-up the draft similar to a professional draft. Check out the excitement during the draft at David Ortiz’s most recent Celebrity Golf Classic. Jump to min 11:30 to see how fun things can get! Have your guests bid on celebrities for such events as joining them for dinner at their table or golfing with them during a scramble.

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