Reaching Your Right Audience

It is important to communicate the right message to your current and potential clients.  So we created a list of communication basics and a list of not quite basics to help you reach your right audience.

Make sure you have the basics:

  • Website – Believe it or not, many companies don’t update/maintain their website.  It is vital that you communicate the right image for your brand.  Consumers need to be able to connect with the personality of your company and be able to trust you.
  • Company Newsletter – This keeps your clients in-the-know with product updates, campaigns, and specials.  It’s also a great place to thank clients for sticking with the company or highlighting great stories over the previous month or quarter.
  • Facebook – How can someone “like” your company without a Facebook page?  Enough said.
  • Twitter – Probably the least important tool but important none the less. Keep up-to-date by following people within your industry for ideas and trends. Warning: be sure to keep up with a Twitter account if you have one, otherwise it has more opportunities to hurt your company/brand than it does to help.
On to the more complicated…
  • Hire a PR firm – This of course depends on your budget.  But most importantly, it is essential to have a group of people developing your plan. Map out what you want your message to be, to which upcoming news stories it relates, and which outlets you will be using to share your story.  If you want to write and release press releases and stories in-house, be sure to look into services such as eNR Services Inc. and PRWeb.
  • SEO – Google Analytics is a great (and free) service that helps track who is coming to your site, from what geographic areas, and what sites they’re coming from and going to.
  • Advertising – Whether you advertise in a local newspaper, on Facebook, or using AdWords, determine who uses your service/product and find out what they are reading both in print and online.  Sometimes the demographic information can be surprising!
Keep tabs on your progress to see what works and what doesn’t.  It’s ok to rework some of your original ideas and plans.  Happy communicating!

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