Optimize Event Check-in

Having worked a few (cough) events, we have learned the importance of event check-in.  It is often surprisingly overlooked because of the focus on venue, food, decorations, logistics, etc. Understandably so…but we’d still love to share a few tips regarding check-in:

  • Separate lines that have different purposes – For example, if you have check-in, walk-in ticket purchases, coat-check, and auction sign-up all in one place, you’re going to have one mess of a line.  Have check-in right when they walk in.  Put coat check just down the way.  Place auction sign-up and closing by the auction; allow guests to choose to participate the auction if they want to not because they feel coerced.  It may sound basic, but we promise it makes a big difference.
  • Table cards or assignment boards are your friend – If a guest can find their own way to where they need to be, all them to do it on their own time, at their own speed.  This will both free up your staff as well as keep your guests happy because they won’t be forced to wait in a line for a table or room number.
  • Conduct pre-registration online – Capture all of your guests’ information before they even get to your event.  Why cause massive lines while you collect addresses and phone numbers? And the best part of online registration is that all of your guests’ information is input directly into your system for you.
Now go check-in your guests, sans craziness and confusion.  Just don’t forget to make signs that give proper and clear direction.

One response to “Optimize Event Check-in

  1. We have also developed a new iPad app that can speed up the Check-In Process at events – it’s slick, smart, and easy to use. – eventpro

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