Working an Event? Here Are a Few Things to Have on Hand

It’s full-on event season, which means Thursday through Sunday we are rocking our Sunday best among the community’s elite.  But if you’re working the event, as opposed to invited to it, we’d like to share with you a few tips.  I present you with The Event Survival Kit:

  • Contact/Information Checklist – If you don’t know who to talk to about not having electricity, getting extra brochures, where bathrooms/coat check are, or when dinner starts, you have an issue.
  • Water – Generally there are refreshments available, but it is always smart to have a bottle of your own just in case.
  • Sole inserts – If your feet hurt, you’re out of the game.  You’ll be thinking more about how you’d like to sit down as opposed to working for your clients. Ladies – be sure to bring a pair of flats as a back-up as well.
  • Band-aids – From paper cuts to broken glass to blisters. You never know when this small item will be a big help.
  • Safety pins – They’re tiny and handy – especially when there are wardrobe malfunctions. You just might end up a life saver.
  • Pens – They’re just one of those things that everyone needs and no one seems to ever have on hand.
  • Mints – Sneak a bruschetta when nobody was looking? Oh no! Now you have to talk to a guest? Enough said.
  • An extra layer – Most event venues drop the temperature of their rooms because of the high volume of people in them.  Once everyone moves out goosebumps are sure to appear. Be smart and bring a sweater/jacket.
  • Trail mix – Seems kind of silly, but sometimes being fed is overlooked.  And sometimes you need a little protein and sugar to get you back on your feet.

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