How to Use Twitter at Your Next Event

Twitter can be used as an interactive tool at your next event!  Step into the newest realm of social media.

First, assign your event a hashtag (#, ie #OurSuperCoolEvent).  Use the hashtag as a way to keep a conversation flowing among your guests.  For example a guest might tweet “On our way to #OurSuperCoolEvent! Can’t wait!” or “The decorations this year are beautiful #OurSuperCoolEvent”.

Keep screens with rolling twitter feed around the rooms of your venue.  Guests will be excited to see their tweets available for everyone to see.  You can also use the screens as an easy way to announce any changes such as seating time, auction closes, etc.

Hold competitions via Twitter to engage your guests.  Hide instructions around the room, i.e. “The first person to tweet #IWin with the hashtag #OurSuperCoolEvent receives 5 free 50/50 tickets” or “RT #OurSuperCoolEventDrawing to be entered to win dinner for 2 at Girl and the Goat”.

Depending on your software system, sync your silent auction results to your guests’ Twitter accounts, alerting them if they won an item.  Post the winner announcements on the screens around the room.

Voila!  You’ve brought your event to the next level by incorporating the power of Twitter.  Happy Tweeting!


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