Order’s Up! What to Serve and How at Your Next Event

Food has become a major player in today’s events.  Say goodbye to the old chicken or beef entrées and make room for trendier, not to mention yummier, fare.  Try to spice up the way you serve food at your next event with some of these suggestions.

Family Style – Serving up food family style has been a hit at recent events.  Not only does it allow you to have multiple plate options for your guests, it increases guest interaction at the table.

“Prix-Fixe” Menu – Have a limited menu from which guests can order.  Include an option of a soup or salad, a few appetizers, two to three options for a main course with side, and two  options for dessert.  Guests will enjoy having options the night of the event.

Heavy Appetizer Buffet – Allow guests to eat when they are hungry throughout the evening with a gourmet buffet.  Keep things simple with five to ten appetizers and a few salads.  This keeps the event flowing without having to block off time for a designated meal time.

Try to think out of the box when deciding on food.  Gourmet barbecue, entrée salads, “mini’s”, and twists on the classics such as serving a bourbon brisket instead of “beef” or are easy ways to update your event.  It’s the little changes that can have a big impact.


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