Posing Questions Gets You More Than Just Answers

In the educational system questions are used as prompts to start discussion groups and student involvement.  Why not bring it into the workplace?  Let’s face it.  Office environments can stagnate.  Actually, pretty much any environment can stagnate. Sometimes a little creative problem solving can go a long way.

A friend of mine is going through an arduous application process with a company.  One of the steps along the way has been to answer a series of questions.  One of the questions was, “Write down as many different uses you can think of for the following objects: (1) a brick and (2) a blanket.”  Although the question has nothing to do with the job, or either of the jobs we currently hold, our creative juices started flowing.  All of a sudden we were thinking outside of the box and applying it to our daily tasks.

So pose a question to your employees.  It will facilitate involvement, get them thinking outside of the box, and encourage inter-office discussion.


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