Why Interactive and Electronic Auctions Should Be Standard

Hosting a charitable auction with paper bid sheets is much like cooking food over a wood fire – it can still be fun, but it’s old-fashioned.

Gone are the days of crowding around tables to see what’s available for auction.  The ability to flip through items via category and price makes it easy to see what items are available with the flick of a finger.  When auction items are cataloged on personal phones via event website, guests can find what they want, wherever they want.  Now guests can bid throughout dinner, helping raise even more money for your cause by eliminating any recesses during the specified auction time allotment.

Gone are the days where guests have to run back to monitor bid sheets instead of enjoying themselves at the gala.  With the ability to set maximum bids on each item they would like to win, guests can see whether they are currently winning or losing an item without leaving their table.  Guests can rest easy as they budget their bids for the evening.  Toward the end of the night, if they realize they are currently being outbid, they can set a new higher maximum bid if they decide they really want that item.  No more need for running back to tables and box out competitors.  Let guests phones bid on their behalf.

Gone are the days where guests’ bills need to be added by hand.  Using a computer system to track each bidder’s winnings allows for immediate checkout availability.  As long as all items, donations, and paddle raises are done electronically, guests can leave knowing their items are paid for (with their pre-captured credit card information) and can be easily shipped to their home if they do not wish to collect the items that night.  Take it a step further, and send all certificates and tickets as eCertificates, eliminating the need for paper handouts.

Simplicity, time-saving, and higher donation levels are only a few of the many reasons interactive and electronic auctions should be standard.  Engage guests at a higher level, streamline the auction and donation process, and keep your auction modern.


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