Your Event Site: The Basics

One of the busiest event seasons is upon us.  If you are a first time event planner, even the most basic decisions can feel overwhelming.  This week we will post about event sites: The Basics, The Aesthetics, and The Hidden Details.

The Basics

When selecting a site for your event, be sure to take the following venue basics into account:

Location – Is it convenient for your guests? Does it have the technical specs necessary for your event? If the event is in an urban area or near a major transportation system, be aware of potential noise, especially during rush hour. And of course, be sure to have parking, valet, and/or public transportation options for your guests.

Size – If you plan to have live entertainment, a food service, or dancing, there should be appropriate space available.  Also take into account the number of guests.  Just as a space too small for many guests makes for uncomfortable accommodations, a space too large for a smaller number of guests can make guests feel uncomfortable.

All inclusive or Ala Carte – When booking a space, sometimes that is literally what you get: the space.  Be aware of the extra time that will be spent on planning, coordinating vendors, locating outlets, etc.  Also, be sure to look into city ordinances on union work, noise curfews, and capacity.

Availability – Sometimes the venue at the top of your wish-list is unavailable. You can either choose to wait to have the event another date, or you can find alternative venue that is suitable for your event.  Just remember, the event will be great regardless of whether it is held at your number one venue choice.  In my experience, it’s all about the details.

Management – Lastly, be aware of the kind of people with which you are working.  Are you one of hundreds of events that year?  Are you the first event to ever be hosted in that space?  Is there a team specifically from the venue that is available to you throughout the event? The people who work at the venue are a great resource and sometimes a great life-line.

On Wednesday, check back for the second post in the series, Your Event Site: The Aesthetics.


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