Your Event Site: The Aesthetics

The look and feel of your event site will set the tone for your event. In the first post of this three-part series we looked at the basics of an event site including site location, size, packaging, availability, and management.  Today we will delve into the importance of your event site’s aesthetics.

The Aesthetics

Theme – Choosing a theme doesn’t mean you have to host a luau or murder mystery party.  The point of a theme is to have a cohesive idea that pulls together all aspects of your event.  Guests will feel more at ease when the feel/flow of the event stays steady throughout.  Be sure to have event invitations communicate the theme so that guests somewhat know what to expect.

Layout – After determining what is on the agenda for the event, put together a layout that includes a well thought-out placement of tables, chairs, podiums, bars, etc.  Consider the potential for late-comers getting to their seats during a presentation or lines that can back-up the flow between rooms/tables.  If the focus of your event is not dinner or a presentation, consider doing away with assigned tables and place high-tops around the room to encourage mingling.

Decor – With decor, it is all about the details.  Whether hosting a fundraiser themed as a garden party, a product launch themed as a circus, or a retirement party focusing around numbers, incorporate the theme of the event into the decor at your event site.  Be aware of the decor that exists at the venue itself so as not to completely clash.  From color themes to flowers and tables set-up with varying heights and functional decorative pieces to thematic informational pieces, the decor should add to the overall feel of the site, not take away from it.

Lighting – There is a big difference between lighting at a department store, a library, a four-star restaurant, and a dance club.  Determine how you want guests to act and set up the lighting accordingly.  If there are pieces or tables you specifically want to showcase, focus light on those pieces.  If the feel of the event is more relaxed, keep natural light as long as possible and incorporate light that isn’t glaring.  Lighting can vary room to room to help give guests direction as to where they should be.

Music – No event should be absent of background music.  Whether it is today’s biggest hits, Louis Armstrong’s greatest, or a series of the best 60’s rock, music undoubtedly sets a mood.  Give your guests an auditory clue as to how the event should unfold.  Are they there to party?  Are they there to be educated?  An important note: live bands are great, but be sure that the noise level does not hinder the communication of your guests or their ability to relax.




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