Your Event Site: The Hidden Details

For the third and final installment of this week’s Your Event Site series, we will discuss the details that are hidden in plain site to help make a great event.

The Hidden Details

Utilities – Do you need running water or electricity?  Are enough outlets available at the right places?  Are there union restrictions?  Is there a maintenance team on hand in case of emergencies?

Bathrooms – A necessary feature for any crowd, from street festivals to 5ks, bathrooms should be logically placed (or available at the facility).  Note that the bathroom will be used frequently and will thus need replacement supplies and regular upkeep throughout the event.

Parking – Take into account the number of guests that will be attending your event.  Be sure that there is ample parking available so that guests do not have to travel a long distance by foot from their cars to the event site.  There may be potential need for valet services.  Please consider handicap accessibility as well.

Temperature Control – Be sure that you have the option of controlling the temperature of your event site if it is indoors.  The potential for medical issues increase in hot rooms , so keep guests safe by altering the temperature to a comfortable level.

Event Information – Don’t leave guests guessing as to how the event will progress.  Have event information available regarding where pertinent facilities are located, timetables for important event happenings, and general basic information that guests will appreciate such as event contacts, available food/refreshments, and hours of the event.


2 responses to “Your Event Site: The Hidden Details

  1. Great post! So many people often forget that these are the most improtant things to take into consideration when picking the perfect venue!

  2. malibu event location

    Thanks for sharing the nice information about these beautiful venues. For this kind of venue you need to consider several areas as well as keeping wishes and budget in mind.

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