Spotlight: iBid

What do the Special Olympics, the Chicago Bears, and the Boys & Girls Clubs of America have in common?  They’ve all used iBid at fundraising events.

iBid is the personalized bidding program from  Replace traditional auctions with state-of-the-art electronic bidding equipment. Allow guests to place bids via their own personal SmartPhones, or utilize our iPads, touch screen kiosks, and handheld bidding devices.  Enable guests can bid from wherever they want within the event venue.  The interactive atmosphere helps increase fundraising because guests have fun bidding against one another throughout the evening.  iBid allows for a more efficient and fast checkout: short lines, shorter wait, happier guests.

iBid Features

  • Hand held bidding devices and touch screen kiosks keep guests involved in the auction
  • Pop-up Outbid Notifications encourage guests to bid higher
  • Maximum Bid function encourages competition and bids on your behalf
  • Full item description including color images
  • Robust search capabilities including by keyword or catalog number
  • Effortless auction closing with winning bids already in the system
  • Real-time bidding activity reports to evaluate item performance and bidder participation
  • Staff supports clients nationwide

When using iBid,  clients are given access to technology solution, OnePage.  In conjunction with OnePage, check-in registered guests and process new ticket purchases at the door; expedite guest departure by offering Express Checkout (a stored and encrypted credit card on file for any event purchases); and process credit cards on site, or store the data securely to review before batch processing.

Read about the benefits of electronic auctions in one of our previous posts here.


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