Discounted Ticket Platforms: The future or a menace?

You’ve probably heard about companies such as Groupon, Living Social, and Gilt.  These discounted ticket platforms deliver deals via daily email to its subscribers.  The deals have evolved from company gift-certificates to discounts on in-kind items as well as discounts on tickets for upcoming events.

Gilt has done a particularly good job marketing high-end events such as VIP passes to in-demand music festivals, behind the scene passes at cultural events, and coveted gala tickets that have a “be and be seen” value.  They even tier the tickets so that they can reach broader markets.  How smart.  But the question remains.  As an event planner, are discounted ticket platforms the future or a menace?

Although the discounted tickets bring in less income, I would say discounted ticket platforms are something we should embrace.  The potential impressions and advertisement is worth the cost alone for future events, as well as for the publicity of your organization.  Putting your event tickets up on a discounted ticket platform will depend on the revenue you plan on generating and the type of crowd you intend to pull in.  It isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution.  But overall, discounted ticket platforms are here to stay and can greatly benefit your event.  Check out to see the ways in which they’ve promoted tickets in the past.


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