Giving Thanks

As we come down from the high of Thanksgiving week, let us re-evaluate how we will enter the upcoming holiday season.  Black Friday prompts the consumer frenzy of the holidays.  And although Christmas began as a Christian holiday, it is now widely recognized as a time for family, friends, gifts, and eating.  Lots of eating.  Among all of the consumption, there are many ways in which you can give thanks for what you have and give thanks for the people who have helped you along the way.

Attend a charity gala – ‘Tis the season of black tie events.  Buy a couple of tickets (or a table) at an upcoming charity gala for a favorite organization.  These are great fundraisers for organizations that are trying to make a difference.  Be a part of the fun.  Find upcoming events at

Donate – Giving back can be as easy as opening your checkbook, stopping by your local store, or finding lightly used items around the house.  Many businesses host drives this time of year, find one near you in which you can participate.

Volunteer – Help those in need by giving your time.  Help at a local soup kitchen, run an educational (yet fun) camp for kids while they are on holiday break, rebuild a house that was hit with a natural disaster. Money isn’t the only thing you can give.

Send out Thank You’s – It is important to make those who have made your life easier feel appreciated.  This is as easy as sending out a thank you note, a small token of your appreciation, or picking up the phone.  Someone may have helped make your day; now help make theirs.


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