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Discounted Ticket Platforms: The future or a menace?

You’ve probably heard about companies such as Groupon, Living Social, and Gilt.  These discounted ticket platforms deliver deals via daily email to its subscribers.  The deals have evolved from company gift-certificates to discounts on in-kind items as well as discounts on tickets for upcoming events. Continue reading


Promoting Your Event Online

You have an upcoming event.  The traditional media promotions are on track – the newsletter snippet, the newspaper ad, and the direct mail campaigns is in motion.  Now it is time to make sure your event is as visible as possible on the internet. Continue reading

Your Event Site: The Hidden Details

For the third and final installment of this week’s Your Event Site series, we will discuss the details that are hidden in plain site to help make a great event.

The Hidden Details

Utilities – Do you need running water or electricity?  Are enough outlets available at the right places? Continue reading

Your Event Site: The Aesthetics

The look and feel of your event site will set the tone for your event. In the first post of this three-part series we looked at the basics of an event site including site location, size, packaging, availability, and management.  Today we will delve into the importance of your event site’s aesthetics.

The Aesthetics

Theme – Choosing a theme doesn’t mean you have to host a luau or murder mystery party.  The point of a theme is to have a cohesive idea that pulls together all aspects of your event.   Continue reading