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Your organization’s “Elevator Speech”

Whether you’re promoting an event, selling yourself as a professional, or pitching your company, it is important to have an “Elevator Speech.”  I had not heard of an “Elevator Speech” until I was a sophomore in college.  I was taking a sales class at DePaul University when we were given an assignment:  Pitch yourself to the class in 60 seconds or less.  Harvard Business School describes the challenge as, “You have one minute to explain yourself, your business, your goals, and your passions.  Your audience knows none of these.  Are you prepared?  Can you present your vision smoothly, enticing them to want to know more?” Continue reading


Calling all young professionals, time to get involved!

In recent months I’ve been playing with the idea of joining a Junior Board (JB).  It’s something that I’ve been wanting to do for a while now and working in nonprofit events I’ve always felt that there is more I should be giving back to my community, I guess I felt a little lost as to how to take that initial first step into finding a JB that was a good fit for me.  Luckily, a great opportunity came to me by chance.

A friend of mine from college was presented the idea to start a JB from his Aunt who is on the board at Saint Joseph Hospital here in Chicago.  She has been pushing for the creation for a JB for sometime now and was given the OK to get the ball rolling 6 months ago.  When I heard this I knew I immediately wanted to get involved. I figured what better way to give back then to use my experiences in nonprofit event planning to help a brand new Junior Board get its fundraising start. Continue reading