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Thank You Goes a Long Way

I was recently on Idealist.org, a fantastic non-profit website, and came across a couple of blog articles that their contributor Putnam Barber had written.  The first, “An Easy Way to Get More Donations”, focuses on the importance and impact of a simple thank you.  Although his focus is on the organization/donor relationship, I noticed that I see the results of his argument on a regular basis.  I have a roommate who hates taking out the garbage, so I take it out.  It’s not my favorite chore, but it doesn’t take me very long, and she is consistently grateful for my efforts.  I in turn am not a fan of vacuuming and do my best to say thank you every time she cleans the floors.  Although such trivial tasks, I’m sure that the both of us would slowly become annoyed with the other if we felt that those tasks became expectations or, worse yet, unappreciated.  Barber makes a great point, highlighting that a small gesture can make a big difference.  Donors appreciate knowing two things: where their money is going and that their contribution to the effort is recognized. So take the time to send a thank you note to appease your donors.

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