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Holy Cow! Cubs Bricks and Ivy Ball Raises 1.1M

Photo from NBC Chicago

On April 6th the Chicago Cubs hit a grand slam with their inaugural Bricks & Ivy Ball benefitting the Cubs Charities.  After thorough scouting, the ball club confidently chose Events.org as a first round draft pick to run the gala’s interactive auction with iBid.

Last Wednesday, my morning started like any other, but after lunch I traded in my desk and awesome phone headset for the Navy Pier Grand Ballroom and my favorite J-crew sequin skirt. Instead of working to a little streaming XRT, I watched the Freddy Jones Band rock all their greatest hits. Customer support took the form of teaching Big Z how to use a hand held bidding device, and gossip around the water-cooler sounded like, “check out Carlos Marmol’s velvet blazer…”  The entire team and front office staff were gracious and friendly, and iBid was a hit. Cubbie Blue Martinis flowed as freely as Jeff Samardzija’s locks, and bidders competed like Kerry Wood in the 9th.

Not bad for a day at “work.”

Take a look at coverage of the event below:

CSN Video Clip

NBC Photo Gallery

– Meghan


Thank You Goes a Long Way

I was recently on Idealist.org, a fantastic non-profit website, and came across a couple of blog articles that their contributor Putnam Barber had written.  The first, “An Easy Way to Get More Donations”, focuses on the importance and impact of a simple thank you.  Although his focus is on the organization/donor relationship, I noticed that I see the results of his argument on a regular basis.  I have a roommate who hates taking out the garbage, so I take it out.  It’s not my favorite chore, but it doesn’t take me very long, and she is consistently grateful for my efforts.  I in turn am not a fan of vacuuming and do my best to say thank you every time she cleans the floors.  Although such trivial tasks, I’m sure that the both of us would slowly become annoyed with the other if we felt that those tasks became expectations or, worse yet, unappreciated.  Barber makes a great point, highlighting that a small gesture can make a big difference.  Donors appreciate knowing two things: where their money is going and that their contribution to the effort is recognized. So take the time to send a thank you note to appease your donors.

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And they’re off…

Hello out there and thank you for taking the time out of your busy schedules to check us out. Hubba hubba.  This is a new experience for us at Events.org, so I think I speak for everyone when I say that we’re pretty excited to get our blog rolling.

First things first, a little about us.  Events.org is a small software company located in Chicago, IL (don’t let that fool you, we get around *wink*).  We provide on-demand solutions for event management and CRM, blah blah blah…you can go to our website to learn more about all that here http://www.events.org.  Now for the real meat: our team.  There’s only a handful of us but each of us makes our own special impact on the office.  As we go along, all of us will be posting stories about our industry, our lives, exciting events, etc.  And when I say each of us, I mean it.  They might not think they have to participate, but they will.  I promise.

So stay tuned, you may even get a shout out!

– Jordan