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Spotlight: OnePage

At Events.org our goal is to make your event registration and management go as smoothly as possible via our technology solution, OnePage.  OnePage is an online portal through which you can organize promote and plan successful events with online registration, custom websites, and event management.   Continue reading


Spotlight: iBid

What do the Special Olympics, the Chicago Bears, and the Boys & Girls Clubs of America have in common?  They’ve all used iBid at fundraising events. Continue reading

Helpful Tips for Your Auction Fundraiser – Efficiency

In event planning there are a lot of details to manage: invitations, venue, catering, volunteer staff, etc.  Having assisted with plenty of silent and live auctions, we’ve noticed that key auction timing is often not given its due: auction strategy is necessary and often overlooked.

If you’re hosting a paper bid-sheet silent auction… Continue reading

Unique Fundraisers

As event season kicks into high-gear, committees will be getting together to discuss upcoming fundraisers.  We’ve all been to the same fundraisers….dinner, opening statements, bid sheet silent auctions.  It’s the same old song and dance.  Let’s liven up the party a little!

  1. Direct Action Fundraising – Many of our clients have opted to participate in Direct Action fundraising.  For example, during the paddle raise, the first paddle raise will be $250 to purchase a student’s uniforms for the year, and as many guests who want to purchase uniforms for a student can raise their paddle.  Another example is donating $500 to feed a shelter for a week; again everyone can participate and donate to as many specific causes as they wish. Continue reading

Fundraising of the Future

In the year two thousaaaaaaannnnd….

Jay Cutler will finally deliver in a clutch situation, completing a critical drive on a late route…  Domino’s will name him “Pizza Delivery Driver of the Month.”


I predict that online auctions are going to be a game changer for today’s non-profits, and a critical part of fundraising of the future.

With the internet boom of 90’s, people gained never before experienced instantaneous access to the world.   In 1995, the creation of eBay introduced a novel purchasing power to the newly tech savvy consumer.  Now, in 2011, it has never been easier to purchase almost anything from anywhere. Heck, my grandma in Kewanee just ordered knitting needles from New York. Continue reading