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5 More Ways to Go Green and Save

Since our first post on how to go green and save has been so popular, we’ve decide to add five more ways in which you can go green.

  1. Have attendees use their own SmartPhones – Reduce both cost and the use of extra technological props by asking your attendees to use their own SmartPhones to bid on items while attending paperless events.  This helps decrease inventory (and saves paper with paperless bidding)! Continue reading

3 Tips to Saving Money When Hosting a Conference or Event

  1. Think out of the box regarding venues – Holding your event at a 5 star hotel can be quite costly.  Do some research about the area in which your conference will be held.  There may be an art gallery loft, small museum, or local park that could be rented for a lower cost.
  2. Seek out young catering companies – Find culinary schools and catering companies that are in their first year of business.  The food is still delicious and you will be helping the “little guys” get started.
  3. Forget the tchotchkes – They end up in the trash 9 times out of 10.  When giving gifts to a participant, be sure to make the gift relevant either to the event or something that most people would use at home and not get tossed aside.