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Your Event Site: The Hidden Details

For the third and final installment of this week’s Your Event Site series, we will discuss the details that are hidden in plain site to help make a great event.

The Hidden Details

Utilities – Do you need running water or electricity?  Are enough outlets available at the right places? Continue reading


Your Event Site: The Aesthetics

The look and feel of your event site will set the tone for your event. In the first post of this three-part series we looked at the basics of an event site including site location, size, packaging, availability, and management.  Today we will delve into the importance of your event site’s aesthetics.

The Aesthetics

Theme – Choosing a theme doesn’t mean you have to host a luau or murder mystery party.  The point of a theme is to have a cohesive idea that pulls together all aspects of your event.   Continue reading

Your Event Site: The Basics

One of the busiest event seasons is upon us.  If you are a first time event planner, even the most basic decisions can feel overwhelming.  This week we will post about event sites: The Basics, The Aesthetics, and The Hidden Details.

The Basics

When selecting a site for your event, be sure to take the following venue basics into account:

Location – Is it convenient for your guests? Does it have the technical specs necessary for your event? If the event is in an urban area or near a major transportation system, be aware of potential noise, especially during rush hour. And of course, be sure to have parking, valet, and/or public transportation options for your guests. Continue reading

Our Favorite Venues

In honor of our upcoming website revamp and its interactive ticketing services, a few member of our office would like to share their favorite venues in the U.S.

AJ: Terminal 5 – Last September I was visiting some friends in NYC and we went to see M.I.A. at Terminal 5 in Midtown West/Hells Kitchen. I would have to say that was probably my favorite venue that I’ve been too. The space was fairly large, especially for New York, but definitely overcrowded. This, along with the light shows and the dance music, made it that much more memorable. Continue reading

3 Tips to Saving Money When Hosting a Conference or Event

  1. Think out of the box regarding venues – Holding your event at a 5 star hotel can be quite costly.  Do some research about the area in which your conference will be held.  There may be an art gallery loft, small museum, or local park that could be rented for a lower cost.
  2. Seek out young catering companies – Find culinary schools and catering companies that are in their first year of business.  The food is still delicious and you will be helping the “little guys” get started.
  3. Forget the tchotchkes – They end up in the trash 9 times out of 10.  When giving gifts to a participant, be sure to make the gift relevant either to the event or something that most people would use at home and not get tossed aside.