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Find an Upcoming Race Near You

The 2012 Bank of America Chicago Marathon broke records this week.  The registration reached maximum capacity of 45,000 runners in six days — 25 days faster than 2011 and almost 31 weeks faster than 2003.  The enthusiasm with which people have shown toward marathons, 5ks, and charity walks is encouraging both in the sense of fitness awareness and charity support.

Because we at Events.org encourage healthy lifestyles (except for the occasional treats from Mark) and charitable involvement, we would like to share upcoming opportunities at races across the country.  Running in the USAMarathon GuideRunner’s World, and Charity Walks Blog offer great resources from which you can find a race near you.

Don’t feel discouraged about getting involved if you aren’t the running type; be sure to check the event webpage to see if there are volunteer opportunities at a race in your community and register.

Ready, set, go!


A Thank You to Volunteers

It’s National Volunteer Day!  We’d like to say a special thank you to all of you who give back to your communities by giving them your time.  Whether you’ve planted a tree, fostered a puppy, hosted an event, or licked envelopes, your time has had a meaningful effect on those around you.  So thank you.

Thank you for remembering that each task has meaning.  Thank you for providing for the physiological needs of others.  Thank you for giving your time to those who are in need.